Why ADA Signs Are Important for Your Business

Why ADA Signs Are Important for Your Business

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It’s a fact, that every customer of yours is unique. They all come with different needs and wants. In order to thrive as a business owner, you need to be able to tailor your services to match every unique individual. This includes the type of signage you choose for your business.

ADA signs are an easy and effective way to ensure your business is welcoming, safe, and accessible for all your visitors.

Let’s take a closer look at how ADA signs can accomplish so much and why they’re important for your business:

ADA-Compliant Signs Are Required by Federal Law

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) explicitly states that if you operate a business that’s open to the public, you’re required to ensure people with disabilities are provided “reasonable accommodations” to gain equal access as people without disabilities.

So, if you currently lack ADA signs – you need to get them displayed fast. Or else you risk formal public complaints lodged against your business or even a lawsuit.

That’s why it’s important you include ADA signs throughout the interior and exterior of your business.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing which ADA signs are best to display. As well as, how they should be displayed.

Since, regulations set out specific criteria for businesses to follow. For example, it states that:

  • ADA signs must be adjacent to the latch side of any door for clear identification
  • Permanent room signs should be mounted between 48- and 60-inches from the ground
  • Signs should have tactile lettering (braille) for visually impaired individuals
  • There should be a minimum of 1/8th of an inch between characters on a sign
  • There must be a light/dark contrast between characters and symbols and the sign’s background

and more

If you run a business in Zephyrhills, Tampa Bay or its surrounding areas, we can help get your business set up with the right signs to make sure your business is ADA-compliant!

Give us a call today: We can walk you through the steps and make sure you cover all your bases

ADA Signs Create an Inclusive and Professional Space

We’re sure you agree that every one of your customers are special. After all, you rely on them to make your business successful.

When customers enter your business, you want them to feel at ease, secure, and happy. And, you certainly wish that no one feels alienated or discriminated against.

That’s why ADA signs are important. They help people build trust in your brand and create a space that meets the needs for everyone.

Amazing Signs offers a range of signs to improve the accessibility of your establishment. Including, essential ADA restroom signs. Which allow people with disabilities to better navigate your business and its facilities with a sense of comfort and safety.

Clearly, ADA signs do a lot more than make your business compliant with the law.

They are a testament to others that your business is a place open to all people. They show your business values every visitor regardless of their physical or mental ability. People will recognize the efforts you’re willing to make to promote equality, inclusiveness, and diversity in the space you operate – and, will respect you for it.

Whether you have ADA signs or not, says a lot about your business.

Let’s make sure you’re sending the right message.

Get in touch with our knowledgeable and experienced team in Zephyrhills and the Tampa Bay area to learn how to use signage to help make your business ADA-Compliant and a welcoming place for everyone!

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