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What are Custom Hanging Signs?

Custom hanging signs help businesses, facilities, and institutions introduce and reinstate their brand. Apart from improving brand recognition, hanging business signs help improve the foot traffic of the building because these signs are intended to grab the attention of those who are walking or driving past the establishment. It’s strategically elevated in order to pique the interest of those who are at a distance.

Outdoor hanging signs can also provide directions and other relevant information such as labels to important areas of a place. A good example is a hanging sign outside the hospital that says “emergency”.

Chiropractic Outside Hanging Signs in Tampa, FL

Materials to Choose From

There are various types of custom outdoor hanging signs for you to choose from. Listed below are just some of them. Each hanging sign has its own unique persona and advantage.


This is the most common type of hanging sign because of its durability. It comes in several thickness options, depending on how resilient you want it to be against the outside elements. These aluminum hanging signs usually come in basic shapes such as circles, squares, and rectangles. However, you can also opt for a customized shape to make the signage stand out even more.


An engraved hanging sign is used by a lot of companies because it’s simple and direct to the point. It’s usually made with metal, plastic, and acrylic. You can also customize the engraving colors to make the text pop.


Another crowd-favorite, this banner hanging sign is the easiest to install because of its lightweight and flexible material. You can even store and reuse them if you want to.


Dibond is the most ideal type of hanging sign if you’re looking for something that is long-lasting and low-maintenance. It comes in two levels of thickness. It’s rot-proof, waterproof, rustproof, and even chemically resistant.


If you want to invest in a hanging business sign that is meant to last a lifetime, then armour-wood is the way to go. It’s known to be the hardest type of signage material. With this, you get more bang for your buck.


What makes alumalite different from the rest is that it’s heavy-duty yet lightweight at the same time. These alumalite hanging signs are made with a corrugated plastic core that is sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum.


Want the classic and rustic look of real wood but hate the fact that it doesn’t last very long? HDU hanging signs is a type of signage that can copy the style and finish of wood. It’s perfect for cafes, bistros, hotels, among others.

Outdoor Hanging Signs for Your Tampa Business

Custom outdoor hanging signs that are professionally designed, produced, and installed can give your brand the proper exposure, identification, and edge against competitors.

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We take pride in providing hardwearing and high-quality custom hanging business signs that meet or even exceed your expectations. Plus, we always make it a point to complete our sign projects right on schedule, each and every time. We truly value the time, money, and trust that you invested in us.

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Excellent Outdoor Hanging Signs For Your Business in Tampa

This article will look at different kinds of custom outdoor hanging signs and what they can do to help your business develop a strong, long-term relationship with its customers in Tampa.

Hanging Business Signs

For boutique shops and cafes that don’t normally have to attract a large crowd from down the street, hanging signs in custom ways can be a great choice because they are smaller and are harder to read from a long distance. Using these hanging signs for business, companies can easily customize their way to increase foot traffic and sales by adding logos, graphics, and different styles of lettering.

Wall Signs

Across all industries, these kinds of custom hanging signs are extremely popular. Mounting them on an outdoor wall does not require extra space. Using these outdoor hanging signs all the way up to the ceiling is possible since they don’t occupy overhead space. You can rely on these signs to advertise the identity of your business all day and night, but they have less visibility than standalone signs since people may not crane their necks to look up or see signs that are flush against the wall from a distance. A variety of materials are available for outdoor hanging signs. They are customizable and can be made to fit your needs.

Blade Signs

Your business will likely not have much room for new structures in a congested area, and its storefront can easily be lost in the crowd. There’s a good chance that if you’re running a record store on the third floor of a walk-up, you’re battling to stand out. You should consider blade hanging signs business in this scenario. In addition to providing excellent visibility, they don’t impede pedestrian traffic or take up a lot of ground space. Signs like these can be mounted on the side of a building or high up so commuters can see them as they pass by.

Personalized Outdoor Hanging Signs for Business
Exterior restroom hanging signs in Tampa, FL

Channel Letters

These personalized outdoor hanging signs consist of individual letters mounted on a wall. Your business can display 3D graphics without taking up much ground space with the letters that are inserted into the wall. It is not necessary to illuminate them, but the brilliant lighting of face-lit channel letters helps make them more visible. If your company has a well-known brand name, channel-letter signs are a great choice. The name of an established bank might be shown in channel letters to convey its credibility and trustworthiness – we are known by our name alone, and we need not say anything else.

If you’re looking for business hanging signs, then Amazing Signs is the right option for you. Our knowledgeable team will help design the best signs based on your business’s unique needs. Reach out to us for more information now.


Hanging signs are any type of sign that hangs or is meant to be suspended from ceilings, walls, posts, or other structures. There are many types of hanging signs that can be customized to your needs. With Amazing Signs, you can choose the graphics and messaging that you want to match your brand. Reach out to us for more information. 

There are various factors that can help determine the cost of your hanging sign, such as; materials, sizing, and design. Hanging signs are a great way to tell passersby that your business is here to stay, and as such, you should reach out to us at Amazing Signs in Tampa to get an estimate for your next hanging sign. 

Types of hanging signs at Amazing Signs in Tampa include pole signs and blade signs, but every sign can be custom-made with your own images and messaging. The choice of the placement of these signs is entirely up to our clients and the limitations of their commercial space. Reach out to us at Amazing Signs to get more information on hanging signs. 

Hanging signs can be made from a variety of materials such as dura-wood, aluminum, Dibond, HDU, western red cedar, and banners. Based on the material of the sign, images and messages can be applied with an appropriate application that is durable and visually appealing. Contact us now if you would like advice or guidance on the right material for your next hanging sign. 

Most importantly, hanging signs need to be installed safely and professionally. There are different applications for interior and exterior hanging signs, but some of the installation methods include suspension from a solid structure such as a wall, ceiling, or pole. It is also important to consider the limitations of the physical space where a hanging sign will be installed in order to select the best hanging method. 

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