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Custom office door signs are essential for all types of offices. They are helpful in labeling and organizing office spaces like meeting rooms and conference rooms. It is also beneficial in guiding victors, guests, clients, and suppliers to designated offices and workspaces.

Here at Amazing Signs, we offer engraved signs that can provide door signs like information on office hours, important notices before entering an office, and contact numbers.

Office door signs for business are very versatile and can be interchangeable between spaces. Office door signs can be used to welcome important visitors to the office by being mounted, hung, or bolted on the office wall itself. We offer decal door signs, a great alternative that can be used on glass doors to create a modern and professional look.

Customized office door signs

Types of Door Signs

Custom door signs are made from various materials, and we have several different types to choose from. We are here to help you choose the right business door signs design that best represents your office.

We currently offer seven types of custom office door signs in Tampa.

1. Aluminum

Office door signs made from aluminum are very popular because they come in various thickness levels and finishes. It is very lightweight and is easy to install and replace.

2. Alumalite

Office door signs made from alumalite can last several years because it is made from a heavy-duty composition. Alumalite is a very cost-effective material because it does not require constant maintenance.

3. Engraved Signs

Engraved signs are one of our famous office door signs it offers indoor and outdoor use. It is hard-wearing and waterproof.

4. Armour-wood

It is our most durable material, it can last almost a lifetime, and it is the best option for a long-term office sign.

5. Foam core

It is lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to install and replace. It is made from foam core, and these are a great option if you are looking for a semi-permeant office sign.

6. Acrylic

If you want more complex customization, acrylic signs are your best choice. They are contemporary and impactful; you can choose what type of finish and style you would like for your office store sign. 

7. Vinyl

They are great for glass doors. Vinyl is like decal stickers; they are a hassle-free vinyl sign solution.

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Amazing Signs takes pride in creating, using, and designing high-quality products and services for our clients. We use the best material in the market, the finest equipment, and modern techniques in creating, producing, and installing custom door signs for offices in Tampa for your business door sign.

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Office door signs are informational signs placed on or near a doorway to alert people of what to expect on the other side. Internal door signs identify the purpose of specific rooms and are often used to control the flow of people. 

Door signs are made of a variety of materials from wood to metal. At Amazing Signs, our metal signs are made using aluminum, brass, or stainless steel. We also have Armour-wood and Alumalite signs that combine a polypropylene or wood core with a sturdy aluminum outer layer. Finally, we have foam-core, acrylic, and vinyl signs. 

The final cost of a custom door sign is determined by the type of material used, the size and type of lettering, and whether the sign includes wiring or illumination that requires professional installation. Give us a call or request a quote to learn more about pricing.

The usual turnaround time for a custom door sign averages between 2 and 7 days, depending on the size of your sign and the complexity of your design features and/or lettering. 

You may be able to purchase generic door signs at your local hardware shop. To guarantee that you receive a high-quality sign that fits your specific needs, you should call a professional signage company like Amazing Signs which specializes in creating customized business signs.

Door signs should be hung to maximize visibility and meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Door signs can be applied to a door’s facing using adhesive strips and/or silicone adhesive. Some door signs will be hung on the wall beside the door using screws or a mounting bracket.

If your custom door sign is too large or heavy to be hung using adhesives or a simple mounting bracket, we will install the hardware and mounting base in compliance with ADA requirements.

At a minimum, you will need an entrance sign to identify your business and provide information such as business hours. Interior door signs that identify individual offices or areas of interest are also important. Finally, you will need door signs to identify restrooms, exits, and prohibited areas.

An office door sign should include information that informs visitors and guides them through your business. A front office door sign should have the business name and operating hours. Interior door signs should identify the purpose of the rooms. Many office doors have room number signs or the name of a particular employee.

The best material for a door sign depends on its location. Outdoor signs should use a durable, weather-resistant material. Vinyl is the best material for glass doors, particularly if you want to incorporate a design with your lettering. For interior doors, lightweight and durable materials such as acrylic and Armour-wood offer a long-lasting, attractive option. 

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