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Businesses in Tampa are always on the lookout for ways to make a statement. Custom business signs are a great way to do this. Metal Signs bring a unique value to your business. 

What is a Metal Sign?

Metal signs have become one of the most popular sign types for companies around the world. It gives your business a professional and distinct look.

These are made typically of lightweight and durable material. Metal signs are versatile, perfect as either an indoor sign or exterior signage. They can be precision-cut to any shape and size, with plenty of colors and finish options to choose from.

It is an extremely durable sign option that creates signage that looks high-end. However, the cost of metal signs is relatively low in Tampa. This makes it the perfect choice when looking for a rewarding sign investment. 

Belvie Metal Signs Custom Made in Tampa
Belvie Metal Signs Custom Made in Tampa
Custom Metal Sign Letters for Business in Tampa, FL

Types of Metal Signs

Here are metal sign options you can choose from: 

Uses of Metal Signs

As a versatile sign option, custom metal signs are perfect for different types of applications. These can be customized in various styles and designs. Metal surfaces also come in plenty of colors and finish options. Most materials are easy to use and can be cut and shaped into any form.

Regardless of industry, it has become a popular Tampa signage option because of the many ways it can be used.

Indoor metal signs are great to use for: 

Outdoor metal signs can be applied to: 

Custom Metal Signs Help Your Business Make a Statement

When you have a sign that accurately and effectively represents your brand, it helps attract new clientele. Irrespective of the style you want to go for, whether it is a more modernized look or a traditional look for your custom metal business signs, you can obtain the same results. But first, you must have access to a reliable custom metal signage company in Tampa.

People worldwide are seeking custom metal signs for businesses in Tampa. They are incredibly popular when it comes to signage, and having access to reputable metal company signs can help them revive their business much faster. When you cross a street, you may have noticed that you will find, most businesses have one or other kinds of metal signs outside their doors. Whether they are used for residential or retail, metal building signs are by far one of the most affordable and attractive signage solutions on the market.

Pexels Tima Miroshnichenko
Pexels Tima Miroshnichenko

Do you wish to make your business have a more distinct and professional feel? Metal logo signs might be just what you need to help make your business make a statement. There are several benefits of choosing custom-made metal signs. Some of them are as follows:

Metal Signs Happen to Be Incredibly Durable

Metal is a long-lasting material; when used for custom signage, sign makers will use all kinds of protective coatings to help it become even more resistant and give it the ability to withstand harsh weather. The kind of metal you choose for your sign depends entirely on the kind of look you are going for and the location where we will place your sign.  The signs industry once used cast iron with molded lettering for signs back in the day, and it now uses steel and aluminum.

Metal WorksFor Outdoor and Indoor Signage

Metal signs and aluminum are great options for outdoor signage. These signs can be treated with protective coatings for outdoor purposes, making them incredibly versatile. Not only that but they can also be used indoors. When maintained properly, these signs can last businesses decades before replacement signs are needed.

Metal is Versatile

With this kind of metal custom signage, you can customize them with the help of different styles, concepts, and designs. They are available in a variety of colors and finishes to choose from as well.

While there are many applications for custom metal signage out there, if you frequently find yourself searching for “custom metal signs near me” or “metal signs near me,” then it is time to talk to reputable professionals.  At Amazing Signs, we offer you a diverse variety of signage options to choose from. Reach out to us for more information now.

Tampa's Most Trusted Metal Signs Manufacturing Company

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, metal business signs are a great option for you. If you are looking for a reliable sign maker in Tampa, Amazing Signs is your best bet. We are a full-service sign company that can design, produce and install your signs.

Our high-quality materials and expert metal signs installation in Tampa require minimal maintenance through the years. We are committed to delivering effective sign solutions that move your business forward.

No sign project is too small or too big for us! Contact our sign experts today for more information on metal signs, and we’ll even give you a free quote!



Metal signs are a great and unique way of advertising a business and are now used by a majority of businesses all over the world. They are incredibly durable and can make any kind of signage look very high-end and expensive. It goes without saying that metal signs elevate your business.

Metal signs are incredibly versatile and easy to use. They are made of aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, and brass and can be morphed into any shape a business desires. They are often used for custom channel letter signs for brands. What will your metal signage be about?

As versatile as metal signs are, they are also incredibly durable. Your reliable metal signs made by Amazing Signs will last you anywhere around three years, and maybe more if the sign is installed inside a building. Amazing Signs can give you any kind of metal signage your business needs in Tampa.

Traditionally, metal signs cost anywhere from $25 to $35 per square footage. However, the pricing can vary based on the material you choose for your metal signs in Tampa. Reach out to us at Amazing Signs so we can give you a quote regarding our metal signs.

Amazing Signs has a very hands-on approach when it comes to making custom metal signs in Tampa. If it is a sign you can dream of, we are sure we can make it. We can morph materials to form unique shapes for your business and help enhance the overall aesthetic of your space, whether it is indoor or outdoor.

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