Accessibility can take you a long way not just in complying with regulations, but also in ensuring that your customers have a positive experience with your business. With that said, ADA signs are a great investment for your establishment. When thinking of ADA signs, it is best to think of it through the perspective of the customer, instead of a business owner trying to make sure they are not going to fail any government checks. When done right, your custom ADA signs will make your establishment pop out in the eyes (and other senses) of your clients.

These signs are not that hard to get done. In fact, ever since the ADA law was passed, ADA compliant signs have become commonplace especially in high-foot traffic sectors such as the accommodation industry and government offices. These ADA Braille signs go into places such as stairwells, doorways, elevators, guestrooms, and offices to ensure that even disabled guests do not have a hard time with navigation.

Entrance ADA signs in Tampa, FL

ADA Compliant Signs are Good for Your Business

On the business end, it pays to have ADA compliant signs in your establishment. In Florida alone, approximately 2.3 million people have some sort of disability. Imagine even just one percent of that number in Tampa, Zephyrhills, Pasco County alone, that is a lot of foot traffic! ADA signs will always be a great investment, seeing as a significant portion of the population would benefit from them.

When people hear about ADA Braille signs, though, they might imagine some sort of unsightly signage. This is not necessarily true, ADA signs can look good, too! Here are some things to keep in mind when planning out your ADA signs:

  • It pays to know the actual regulations. While it is a good idea to hire sign makers that are knowledgeable in ADA rules, you may also want to read the fine print. For instance, which signs need Braille? Where do you need to place accessible signs? This way, it will be easier for you to plan out your ADA signs.
  • Your custom ADA signs present an opportunity to push your brand. Of course, it is best to conceptualize your brand first and foremost. You can do so by asking these questions: What is your story? What are your values? What sets you apart from the rest? From here, you can…
  • Establish consistency. Some branding specialists can help you do this, but if you want to get this done yourself, you can identify colors, font types, and other design elements that help you accentuate your brand narrative as you develop your ADA signs.
  • When all else fails, call in the professionals! Leaving this to the right experts can pay dividends in terms of quality. A good sign maker will make sure that they know your needs and present you with a concept that is suitable to your context.

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