Tenant Parking Only Signs

What are Tenant Parking Only Signs?

A tenant parking only sign is a signage that indicates that a specific space for parking is reserved for an occupant or resident of a building or establishment. Reserved parking signs are essential investments if you want your tenants to feel valued.

Custom tenant parking signs are ideal for condominiums, commercial buildings, malls, dormitories, among others. The average size for a tenant parking only signage is 12” wide and 18” tall. You can have a larger signage if you need to relay more information or if you simply want to increase its visibility. However, making it too huge can become more of a distraction and a hazard to your guests. Therefore, the previously mentioned dimensions are highly recommended.

Custom parking signs come in several types. Listed below are some of the common materials used in making a high-quality, hardwearing, and effective tenant parking only sign.

Custom tenant parking only signs

1. Plastic

This type of signage can be mounted, displayed, or hung. It comes in either 3 or 6 mm thickness.

2. Aluminum

Aluminum is the most popular type of parking signage. If you want your signage to be extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions, then aluminum is the way to go. Thanks to its durable polyethylene core, it’s ideal for outdoor parking.

3. Reflective Aluminum

This material is perfect if you want your signage to be visible even in low light, thanks to its engineer-grade reflectivity. Reflective aluminum is great option for establishments that have tenants going in and out of the vicinity round the clock.

4. High Adhesive Decal

Whenever people hear the word decal, they automatically presume that it’s not long-lasting. Well, not this one though. High adhesive decal is meant to withstand harsh weather conditions which make it great for outdoor use.

5. A-Frame

If you’re looking for a sign wherein you can incorporate some custom graphics, then choose an A-Frame tenant parking sign. Although parking signs are typically simple and straightforward, there’s also some room for creativity if you want to. Display your company logo or even some decorative graphics that are in-line with your branding.

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