Make a Lasting Impression with Office Lobby Signs in Tampa, FL

First impressions last: this line may have become passé, but it still holds weight today. In fact, the concept of the first impression explains why a lot of establishments invest in quality lobby signs in Tampa. While these backlit lobby signs mainly serve aesthetic or decorative purposes, they can, when done right, help leave a very good impression in the minds of people. After all, office lobby signs are a form of marketing you are presenting your establishment’s brand and inviting clients to learn more about what you can do for them. They tell people what to expect from you, and pushes your brand narrative forward.

Lobby Signs Tampa can make or break your visitor’s experience. Let us be perfectly honest, the first thing we do when stepping somewhere new to us is look for signs that tell us about the place. More likely than not, you would be looking for office signs in Tampa to tell you something, anything about the establishment.

With that in mind, interior office lobby signs that are well thought out will always be a good investment for your Tampa business.

Attractive lobby signs in Tampa, FL

Why Lobby Signs are Essential for the Visitor Experience?

Whether you run a hotel, a government office, or any establishment with a reception area, here are some ways to ensure that your office lobby signs make a good impact on visitors.

  • Consider your brand. You could think of office lobby signs as the first chapter of your story: it establishes the image of the company or office without revealing too much. Once you have conceptualized the company’s brand, you can design your customized lobby signs around it. This way, you establish a sense of consistency.
  • Short and sweet does the trick. Your office lobby signs will not work if they are too wordy. Instead, consider a design with as few words as possible. By using concise, memorable content, your interior lobby signs will be more likely to leave a lasting impression on visitors.
  • Let there be light. Ever consider using illuminated lobby signs? These signs contain light fixtures that will outline the content and make it appear more pronounced. This is becoming more of a fad especially in the reception areas of high-end hotels, as well as corporate offices. Backlit lobby signs can pop out a bit more and give off an image of elegance.
  • Good design drives good behavior. Whether you use acrylic lobby signs or other materials, these signs that are well-designed will always work wonders for you. You could play with typefaces, colors, and shapes to ensure that your signage remain coherent and functional.
  • Positioning is key. Where you place your custom lobby signs is just as important as the content and design. Make sure that the area is free of obstructions, so that your corporate lobby signs are in full view of customers. One common area is right behind the receptionist’s desk, above where the front desk officer would be seated. This ensures that the signage is the first thing the visitor sees when he/she walks in.

Tampa's Most Trusted Experts in Lobby Signs

Your business signs are considered your silent salesmen. If you are located in Tampa, Zephyrhills, Dade City, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota, or other neighboring areas, Amazing Signs can help you design and install high-quality custom lobby signs that speak your brand’s message. Get in touch with our sign experts today for a free estimate.


Lobby signs are also referred to as reception signs. They can be helpful as they carry useful information such as brand logo, brand name, tagline, and important information. If you want to go the extra mile, your lobby signs can even mention the history of your brand, quotes that speak to you, and more. 

Lobby signage in Tampa is typically made out of clear or frosted acrylic panels. These panels can easily be mounted one or two inches away from the wall with the help of standoffs. Amazing Signs is your go-to company for your lobby signage needs.

It doesn’t matter if you run a hotel, an office, or any establishment with a reception area; lobby signs help advertise your business in a high-traffic area. As such, you can drop us a message at Amazing Signs to get a custom quote on your next lobby sign.

There are four types of lobby signs: acrylic panel lobby signs, wall graphic lobby signs, illuminated lobby signs, and dimensional letters with a 3D effect. You can choose any of these at Amazing Signs, where we help elevate your building’s aesthetic. 

While you might not need lobby signs, you should definitely want them because of their importance. They help provide character to the walls in your establishment, display information about your brand, share quotes, or simply offer passersby the directions they need to get to where they want to go.