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Going into an unfamiliar office building or facility may sometimes be overwhelming. With only an office name at hand, one may still get lost trying to find the right place especially with a huge facility filled with numerous office units from the top floor to the ground. Without any proper signage, clients or visitors may feel daunted and stressed right off the bat.

Interior directory signs provide customers and visitors a stress-free and comfortable experience the moment they step foot onto your facility. With a clear knowledge of where they are going, they save time and are more efficient with the business that they need to attend to.

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Business signs are not just about advertising your brand or selling products and services. They also includepractical and useful information that helps create a positive experience for customers and employees alike.


Interior directory signs are visual communication tools that provide easy-to-understand wayfinding information and cues. From simple arrows and room numbers to names of companies and professionals occupying a space, these signs are must-have investments to promote orderliness in large establishments. They can be fabricated from different types of materials, such as metal plaques, acrylic, and even interactive LED displays. We highly recommend that you book a consultation with Amazing Signs to identify which type of directories work best for your needs.

There are a lot of buildings and facilities that need directory signs. Here is a look at some of these facilities and why building directory signs are essential:


As schools are typically large, with different buildings, wings and hallways, it is important to have customized directory signs. These are a huge deal for students, parents and visitors since it allows them to easily navigate through the facility to find the correct classroom, laboratory, auditorium, cafeteria and such. This is especially important during the beginning of the school year, and particularly lessens the anxiety of first year students. Also, indoor directories are helpful in administrative buildings. Visitors can locate offices effortlessly despite the many staff members of the university. For multi-level schools, building directories positioned by the entryway are essential to guarantee that you are at the exact location you need to be.

Place of Worship

Places of worship usually have high foot traffic especially during days of obligation. Building directory signs are particularly helpful to ensure that members and guests can easily find worship spaces, administrative offices, and restrooms, to name a few. This is valuable especially when welcoming newcomers into your congregation.

Malls/Shopping Complex

A full directory sign at different entrances listing the store names, floor and wing creates a pleasant shopping experience for customers. Overhead directory signs pointing to key locations such as restrooms, food court and exit signs contribute to a smooth, stress-free mall run.

Hospitals/Medical Facility

Directory signs in hospitals and medical facilities allow patients and guests to easily locate clinics, rooms and other facilities like laboratories, the pharmacy, gift shop and cafeteria. Because of the busy nature of hospitals, it is essential to find your way without having to ask.

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