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Every business needs a ‘public face.’ Whichever business you are in, people must know your business. After all, a business cannot exist without its customers.

It is said that 80% of purchases happen within 20 miles of a customer’s home. Make sure your target customers know you exist in Tampa. Establish your presence in the local community with an eye-catching fascia sign.

What is a Fascia Sign?

Fascia signs are one of the most popular choices when it comes to outdoor building signs. They are usually rectangular, with an aluminum frame and acrylic front face. These can be mounted on walls, or to your building’s storefront.

Custom fascia signs can be made according to your specific design theme. Most can come illuminated with LED lights. This lets you boost your brand and advertise your business 24/7 in Tampa.

Attractive outdoor fascia signs in Tampa, FL

Types of Fascia Signs

Tampa businesses continue to choose fascia signs because of the many options available. Here are some of them:

  • Fret Cut Panel : This is a folded aluminum panel that has illuminated lettering, logo, or both. These retail signs can be designed to match your brand.
  • Push Through Acrylic : This has the surface carved out with your design, with clear acrylic pushed through its front face. You can combine different colors for the pushed acrylic and base. These can also be illuminated to make it more eye-catching.
  • Halo Fascia Signs : This unique design illuminates around the letters or design of your sign. The letters or graphics remain black or dark. This creates an attractive glow around your design.

The cost of fascia signs depends on the material, design, and size you need. Don’t see the sign you want? Don’t fret! Here at Amazing Signs, we offer a variety of options that fulfill your business and budget requirements.

The Best Fascia Signs “Near Me”

Make it easy for customers to find you with eye-catching signs. Amazing Signs is experienced in fascia sign manufacturing in Tampa. We produce, design, and install high-quality signs for your business needs.

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