Multi-Tenant Signs

Business centers and commercial properties are facilities used for business activities with a number of different tenants. Due to the number of occupants, it is challenging to ensure the visibility of each one when using individual store signs. It makes the surroundings look disorganized and risk some stores getting lost and overlapped by others. Because of this, a lot of developers are choosing to install multi-tenant signs.

Increase Visibility with Tenant Signs

Multi-tenant signs are monument signs that contain multiple signage cabinets for each individual renter in the facility. Typically, these types of tenant signs may be found in shopping centers, office buildings or any other development that has a range of tenants, each requiring their own individual signage.

Multi-tenant cabinet signs have detachable panels that can accommodate each individual occupant. As such, these panels are highly customizable and can include whatever information you’d like your store, company or office to highlight. Usually, tenant signs include panels that have your company or store logo.

Typically, tenant signs are positioned in high traffic areas. This ensures optimum visibility from clients, motorists and passersby. Aside from being able to locate the facility, people are able to identify the kind of stores, offices, restaurants or establishments within the property through your multi-tenant cabinet signs. No need to go around each corner, trying to confirm if the store you’re looking for is indeed there. Just one look at the tenant sign and you’ll know if you came to the right place.

Multi Tenant Sign

Highly Customizable

Depending on your city, there may be some policies that have restrictions when it comes to the design of your tenant sign. Some may require matching colors or style standards that may limit your design concept. However, as the panels are highly customizable, it is still possible to stand out and create a signage that best represents your design concept. Moreover, because of its customizability, multi-tenant cabinet signs are ideal for commercial centers with high turn-over rates. Instead of painting over a sign or building a new one, the removable panels can be easily replaced by new tenants.

Tenant signs such as the multi-cabinet ones are preferred by most business owners as they conserve time and space. Renters also appreciate it as the tenant signs automatically advertise their business without breaking the bank as the costs can be split among all the renters in the facility. Lastly, multi-cabinet tenant signs are fairly easy to maintain, and is a great investment that can reap rewards for a long period of time.

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