Custom Wall Graphics

Custom wall graphics are highly popular for a reason. You have likely seen custom wall decals in hotels, restaurants, libraries, and other establishments. This is because wall graphics combine sleek design, utility, and ease of usage, making for a quality, cost-effective means of communicating your messages.

Types of Wall Graphics

Generally speaking, there are four types of wall graphics:

  • Vinyl wall graphics: These custom vinyl wall graphics are perhaps the most well-known among wall signage. Vinyl wall decals make use of a type of plastic also used to make vinyl record that is light, easy to transfer, and hard to break. You will typically see them on storefronts and building exteriors.
  • Illuminated signs: Making use of light fixtures to accentuate their design, these custom wall graphics are sure to stand out especially during nighttime or in areas with dim lighting. These lighted wall signs are also common in drive-throughs, motels, and restaurants. This type of signage tends to pop out, catching passersby’s attention.
  • Wallpapers: These are wall decals that usually go on the interior of houses, restaurants, and hotels to give them a specific feel. Whether you want wall graphics to make your bedroom floral, geometric or pastel motif, wallpapers will serve you well.
  • Acrylic and metal wall graphics: If you really want your custom wall decals to pop out, this might be the best choice for you. Sign makers can provide you with 3D removable wall graphics that will give your décor a dynamic feel. Some even hang these for additional effect.
Colorful wall graphics designs in Tampa, FL
Customized office wall graphics

Why Your Tampa Business Needs Office Wall Graphics?

Compared to most signage, office wall graphics are preferred by most, especially by businesses around Tampa, FL. Here are the advantages of commercial wall graphics:

  • They give you all the impact without the hassle. Other displays, such as billboards, floor signs, and the like can be more expensive and take more effort to install or remove. Meanwhile, wall graphic signs are more cost-effective, in that they are cheaper. Additionally, installation and removal are much easier, so updating, repairing, or replacing them should not be much of a hassle.
  • Wall signage is a real attention-grabber when done right. They will surely turn the heads of passersby and visitors, giving you a great chance to leave an impact on them. Furthermore, you can be as creative as you want with these signs. This way, you will get to present your brand and/or establishment in the best possible manner.
  • Custom wall graphics can improve visitor experience through wayfinding. Especially in supermarkets, hospitals, or even libraries, wall signs can aid in telling your visitors where to find things, or at the very least, where they are right now. This removes a lot of the hassle of navigating through large establishments.
  • They allow you to leave a meaningful impact in the minds of people. You can make use of commercial wall signs to push your brand using your colors, slogan, and other visual elements. Practicing consistency in your signs will also make for a cohesive set of signage.

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