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Enhance your event with floor graphics in Tampa, FL. We are all familiar with signs that are above or right in front of us, window signs, billboards, and such are commonplace. These are some of the most effective ways to get eyes on a product or service, due to their accessibility and visual appeal. Floor advertising can be just as effective, though. In fact, many establishments, such as sports arenas, hospitals, government agencies, and commercial spaces have utilized floor graphics advertising to suit their needs.

Maximize Ad Space with Custom Floor Graphics

You might wonder what kind of audience would be most receptive to floor advertising. Here’s the thing, nowadays, people spend a lot of time looking down on their phones. According to the Pew Research Center, 96% of Americans, that includes citizens in Tampa, FL, now own a phone. Imagine having them walk into your establishment while they are on their phone. They would be more likely to notice your office/business floor.

Especially for areas with wide floors and high ceilings, indoor floor decals can act as a visual centerpiece for visitors. When done right, these can leave a strong impression, making their experience a memorable one.

Floor graphics advertisement in Tampa, FL

Floor Advertising and Decals Can Tell Directions

Vinyl floor decals can also serve as wayfinding signs for visitors. Especially in hospitals, parking lots, and other establishments wherein it is important for people to go from area to area seamlessly, floor graphics can be very helpful.

Floor signs generally make use of adhesives that allow passersby to walk over them without being damaged. By installing durable custom floor graphics, you can ensure that a good investment.

Floor graphics advertisement designs for Tampa, Florida location

Advertise with Attention-Grabbing Floor Graphics

Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your floor advertising materials.

  • Stay on brand. When planning your floor advertising strategy, the identity or brand of your organization must go front and center. Your brand will become the basis for the design and content of your custom floor graphics.
  • Size matters. Your custom floor decals should be big enough to be visible from a distance, from the top floor, for example, but not occupying the entire floor area. When designing floor graphics, imagine how you would like it to look from the visitors’ various vantage points. This will give you a good idea on how these custom vinyl floor decals will appear.
  • Everything in place. Your floor graphics endeavor will only be as good as your planning. The positioning of your custom floor decals, with due regard to their size, can make or break your success. If your establishment has multiple floors, with areas where you can see a section of the bottom floor from above, it may be a good idea to place your graphics.
  • Keep it short. Just like any sort of marketing campaign, your floor advertising content must be concise. Your slogans will only register in people’s minds if they are memorable, and lengthy, convoluted statements will be forgotten. Make use of floor graphics that are short, catchy, and direct to maximize impact.

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