Businesses in Tampa are always searching for new ways to enhance their space and engage their customers. Often, there is an overlooked architectural element within your facility. Wide, empty wall spaces have the potential to transform any store or office with the help of custom wall murals.

What is a Wall Mural?

Back in the day, the most common way to decorate your walls was through a paint job. Nowadays, technology offers a top-notch, cost-effective alternative to a hand-painted wall.


Wall murals are digitally printed vinyl that is applied to wall spaces. They are one of the most versatile indoor sign options available in Tampa. Through digital printing, you can have virtually any wall mural design printed to adorn your store or office walls.

Large Wall Murals for Business in Tampa, FL
Office Wall Murals in Tampa, FL

Types of Wall Murals

  • Full Wall Murals – When you want to cover your entire wall space, top to bottom murals are the way to go. While this is doable with wallpaper, large wall murals offer more customization options for you.
  • Partial Wall Murals – Partial wall murals are a great option when you don’t need a full mural wallpaper. These are great for highlighting certain wall areas and making them a focal point in your business space.
  • Wall Decals and Lettering Vinyl material can be cut and formed into different shapes. This is perfect if you want to add decals and lettering to your space. This lets you add text and graphics that can grab the attention of your customers or employees.

Uses of Wall Murals

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation in Tampa, wall murals are a great investment. The cost of wall murals is minimal compared to the many functions it can have for your business.
  • Boost your brand - Office 3D wall murals are a perfect way to build brand awareness. Through digital printing, you can display your company history as well as your vision and mission. The more customers know about your company, the more they can remember your brand.
  • Showcase your product line or service offers - The wide, empty spaces inside your establishment are the ideal area to show off your products and services. Peel and stick wall murals are perfect when introducing new products. They can also easily be removed and replaced to advertise newer offerings.
  • Announce ongoing promotions and events - Removable wall murals are the perfect solution for promoting ongoing deals and events. Because they are easily removed, they can conveniently be swapped out from season to season.
  • Create buzz for your business - The rise of social media makes having a unique indoor feature beneficial for any business. Doing 3D wall murals that makes customers curious is the perfect opportunity to create buzz for your brand. A really interesting wall can encourage people to snap a photo, post it online and get your business talked about.

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Transform your business space today with a stunning wall mural from Amazing Signs. We are a full-service sign company that makes high-quality sign solutions for Tampa businesses.

Whether you need a single 3D mural wallpaper or wall murals for your entire building, we deliver your signage needs with excellent customer service. Contact us today with your wall mural designs, and we’ll give you a free quote.


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