The Ultimate Guide to Designing Custom Signage for Your Business

The Ultimate Guide to Designing Custom Signage for Your Business

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A custom sign instantly gives your business a distinctive look, which makes you stand out. With these signs, there’s no limit to what you can create when you partner with a professional sign company. Whether you’re looking to install captivating channel letters on your storefront or set a professional tone with a lobby sign, custom signs are the answer. This guide highlights a few tips for designing custom signs that are both impressive and practical.

Determine the Sign’s Purpose

The first step in designing custom signage is outlining your business and signage goals. Working with a professional sign company will help you determine which sign can help you achieve those goals.

Do you want to generate more business leads? Are you amplifying your business branding? Do you need to expand your location’s visibility? The answers to these questions will help you choose the type of sign and the elements to focus on during the sign-making process.

Consider Your Entire Signage Strategy

Whether you are just starting to implement a strategy or adding new custom signage to your existing one, it is crucial to consider how all your signs will work together. The goal is to develop a unified and cohesive image for your business with all your signs. From outdoor pylon signs to wayfinding signs to lobby signs, each sign should create a seamless experience for your guests. When including a new custom sign, take a moment to assess where this sign will fit in with your overall signage plan.

Prioritize Straightforward Designs

Custom signs offer businesses unique visual communication tools for aesthetic and practical purposes. It is recommended to keep designs focused so your signs can effectively deliver impactful messages. Straightforward designs can still include vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics. The idea is to ensure the sign is legible and clearly communicates your message without unnecessary clutter. A professional sign designer will work with you to ensure your custom signage is both stunning and functional.

Consistency is Key

Consistent branding across all marketing and communication tools – including signs – strengthens your business’s reputation and builds a powerful connection with your target customers. When designing custom signage, be sure to include your existing branding elements. Don’t experiment with off-brand colors or fonts because this may confuse your customers. Repeating your branding elements helps people recognize your business in a sea of competitors. The more people become familiar with your business, the more likely they are to choose your products and services.

Contact Amazing Signs for Custom Signage

Are you ready to design your custom sign? The experts at Amazing Signs can make unique and impactful signage that captures your brand’s voice and shares it with the world. We’re ready to turn your original ideas into an effective business branding solution at our local, full-service sign company in Tampa, FL.

Give us a call to get started on your custom sign journey today.

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