Tips to Design Ideal Directional Signs for Your Business

Floor Directional Signs

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Directional signs or wayfinding signs are some of the most prominent things that a person notices when they enter your place of business. Especially if this is the first time they have walked into your workplace or store, interior directional signs are an efficient way to tell them where to go. Let’s discuss 3 effective tips on how to design directional signs for your business.

Stop Assuming

The perfect way to start planning your wayfinding sign design is to not assume that the customer has been in your store or workplace before. You have to think that every single person to walk in would be their first time walking in. That way, you can ensure that the interior directional signs are as appropriately made as possible – and are good at giving the needed direction to every person who walks through the door as a first-time customer.

Use Common Language in Your Directional Signs

If you’re in a line of work that tends to make you use technical jargon, avoid using it in your arrow signs. Most people stepping in are laymen, and they most probably do not understand your terminology. For example, if you had stepped into a superstore to buy some red snapper, but the sign says “Lutjanus campechanus on this aisle.” Chances are, you won’t even look at the sign twice because you don’t understand that technical term.

Use Directional Signs With a Step-by-Step Method

Design the signs in a way that can be posted in a step-by-step manner.

You can better control the sequence in which you reveal information to your reader/customer. Using this method will also reduce the amount of confusion the customer may have about a “possible missed sign.” Have you ever been in a place where you read a confusing wayfinding sign and thought to yourself: Huh? Did I miss something before this sign? Save your customer from this confusion.

Bonus Tip: Place Them Right

Have your designs ready to go? Good. But where do you place them? A lot of businesses have great directional signs – but they’ve posted them at the wrong place. How so? Next time you’re at a mall, notice how the restroom signs are placed all over and not only 5 feet away from the restroom.

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