Maximizing the Impact of Reception Area Signage with Strategic Placement

Impact of Reception Area Signage with Strategic Placement

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Lobby signs and reception area signage are crucial to making a memorable first impression on anyone who walks through your door. These signs are extensions of your company’s professional image and play the essential role of welcoming visitors into your space. To maximize the impact of these signs, choosing a strategic placement is key. Working with a professional sign company and following the tips highlighted in this guide will ensure you get the most benefit from your reception signs.

Examine Foot Traffic

Before installing reception area signage, it is important to consider how foot traffic moves through the space. Knowing this will determine the best placement for your signs. Ideally, it is best to choose a location near a steady flow of traffic to get as many eyes on the sign as possible. However, avoid placing the sign in the direct path of this stream to ensure the sign’s visibility isn’t obstructed. A wall parallel to popular routes or a quiet spot behind the reception area could be optimal places depending on foot traffic patterns.

Experiment with Height

Take new perspectives into account when finding the right placement for your sign. Hanging a sign at eye-level might not reflect how people use the space. There could be an ideal height for your sign depending on whether people are primarily sitting in the reception area or walking through it. Of course, you’ll also want to take into consideration other design elements, such as plants or hanging lights that could block your sign, when deciding on the right height for your reception area signage.

Identify a Focal Point

When you first enter your reception area, what area are your eyes naturally drawn to? Conduct this small experiment on yourself and a few others to get a sense of the room’s focal point. It could identify the strategic location for your reception area signage. To emphasize this focal point, consider creating an accent wall with a bold color or incorporating a lighting element that will maximize the impact of your sign.

Use Furniture to Your Advantage

One guaranteed way to ensure your sign is seen is to structure other aspects of the reception area around it. For example, arrange chairs or furniture to face your sign to ensure your sign is noticed. Alternatively, you could frame your sign with bookcases or a buffet to draw people’s attention to your reception area signage.

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