Make a Lasting Impression with Custom Building Signs: Enhance Your Business’s Exterior

Make a Lasting Impression with Custom Building Signs: Enhance Your Business’s Exterior

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Business owners understand that their buildings must have a building sign to advertise their business, but many don’t know the importance of this sign to the success of their business. Did you know that 35% of customers surveyed have indicated that if a building doesn’t have proper signage, they won’t even know it’s there? Think of how many potential customers would walk by your business each day without the proper signage.

If you already do have exterior building signs, then you may be thinking, “I’m all set!” While your business is being advertised to passersby and established in your community, are your signs making a lasting impression on customers to be competitive in the market?

In this blog, we have identified three ways to enhance your business’s exterior with commercial building signs.

Add a Pop of Color

Focusing on the colors used in your building signs is so important, not only for the visibility and readability of the signs, but also for the attractiveness of them. Many graphic designers, including our own, try to use the color wheel to choose contrasting colors. Not only does this ensure that the chosen colors work well together, but it also guarantees that the sign will be kind to the eye.

However, to enhance your building’s exterior, it is important to consider how the sign will look when installed. What color is your building, where are you installing it, and how will the chosen colors for your signage interact with your building’s appearance? Each of these questions is very important and should be considered before sending your sign into production.

Shine Bright like a Diamond

If your business is open late or is in a high-traffic area, it is important to find ways to stand out. Adding illumination through LED lights or neon lights is a tried-and-true advertising idea. Not only are you able to be seen by onlookers, near and far, regardless of the lighting conditions, but your business will also be attractive and eye-catching.

Try Custom

Custom signs offer you full autonomy over your sign solutions, which means everything from color, shape, design, sign type, and more. By investing in custom building signs, you can design and produce a sign that perfectly represents and embodies your brand, which will positively impact brand recognition and recall down the line.

Visibility Matters

When visibility is mentioned in relation to signage, it traditionally refers to how visible it is to onlookers from near and far. The solution to increasing visibility is often adding illumination or making the sign larger. While these are excellent techniques that are still effective today, there are other avenues to consider.

Social media is an effective marketing tool, which means businesses should be taking advantage of its advertising power. Think about adding exterior building signs that draw a presence and influence people to snap a picture and post it online, such as wall murals or blade signs.

Searching for Building Signs for Businesses “Near Me”

Amazing Signs should be your go-to sign company for building signs and so much more. We deliver high-quality, innovative, and captivating sign solutions to businesses just like yours. Our commitment to a positive customer experience, as well as a commitment to meeting your expectations, ensures that we will bring your vision to life.

Contact us today to discuss your building sign needs or to speak with one of our sign specialists.

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