5 Factors to Consider When Selecting Hanging Address Signs for Your Business

5 Factors to Consider When Selecting Hanging Address Signs

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Address signs are essential tools for every business. These signs are one of the first things customers notice, creating a powerful impression that influences their perception of your brand. Currently, many companies are exploring the potential of hanging address signs for enhanced business visibility. This guide will highlight five key considerations before selecting a hanging sign for your business.

The Materials of Your Sign

As with any signage product, there are many material options for hanging address signs, each with its own advantages. Metal, wood, dibond, and alumalite are some of the popular choices available. When selecting the material for your sign, be sure to inquire about maintenance, the material’s longevity, and customization options. A professional sign maker will walk you through the various options to find a suitable material that fits your needs.

Ensuring the Design is Legible

Address signs are crucial for communicating your business’s location. Not only do these signs help customers find your storefront, but they also ensure that your deliveries arrive on time and assist first responders in emergencies. That’s why your address sign must be legible, even from a distance.

Working with a sign designer guarantees your hanging address sign will be aesthetically pleasing and effective. Designers can recommend fonts, colors, and a strategic design placement that clearly identifies your address to anyone passing by.

Examine Foot and Vehicular Traffic

One of the benefits of hanging signs is that they are placed near the flow of foot and vehicular traffic to maximize your business’s visibility. Before selecting your sign, analyzing these traffic patterns for your business is important. Doing so will help you determine the optimal location for your sign. It will also inform whether you should get a single-sided sign, such as a wall sign, or a double-sided sign, like a pole or blade sign. Use the right hanging address sign to attract attention from passing traffic and direct it toward your business’s entrance.

Notice Environmental Conditions

Assessing the local environmental conditions, such as precipitation, sun glare, and wind, is necessary with every outdoor sign. These environmental factors could damage your sign if you don’t select the correct material that can endure the elements. Depending on the local climate, some hanging address signs might not be suitable, so consulting with an experienced company is encouraged.

Strategize Other Signage Products

An address sign plays a vital role in your existing or planned exterior signage strategy. Before purchasing your sign, ensure your sign will match the branding and tone of any other storefront signs to create a unified and cohesive image for your business. This will strengthen your marketing strategy while cultivating a distinctive reputation for your business in crowded commercial districts.

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