Why Fleet Wraps are Perfect to Spread Brand Awareness

Commercial fleet wraps in Tampa, FL

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Transform your fleet into mobile billboards with vehicle wraps. Wrapping a fleet isn’t just for big brands anymore. In Tampa and surrounding areas, businesses of all sizes are using fleet wraps to promote their products and services.

In addition to gaining local impressions on the road, wrapping your company’s vehicles comes with many benefits for your brand.

Grab Attention at All Times

If your employees are driving unmarked vehicles, you’re wasting valuable marketing opportunities. You could be displaying your brand to hundreds or thousands of potential customers daily when your fleet travels. On a freeway of plain cars and trucks, your bright and vibrant wrapped vehicles will stand out. Plus, if you include a simple message on your vehicle that’s easy to remember, drivers are likely to connect with your business later when they’re safely off the road.

Explore New Territories

Unlike static billboards, commercial vehicle wraps will take your brand into new territory. If your fleet travels outside of your business’ neighborhood, you can instantly expand your reach and possibly connect with customers that your other advertisements wouldn’t normally reach.

Reach Customers Casually

Advertisements that interrupt movies, TV shows and music streaming are often a nuisance. Chances are, when enjoyable activities are disrupted with ads, consumers may not pay attention to them. The benefit of commercial fleet wraps is that you’re connecting with consumers in a non-aggressive way.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Compared to many forms of traditional advertising such as radio and TV ads, wrapping your fleet is more budget-friendly. The benefit is that you don’t have to continue paying to keep your ads active. Instead, you pay once to wrap your vehicle and can achieve an unlimited number of impressions on the road.

Protect Your Fleet

Custom fleet wraps are unique to your fleet so that you get a seamless fit. The vinyl also protects your paint job from nicks and scratches. If you choose to remove or change up your wrap, the vinyl can be taken off without affecting the paint underneath. So, if you need to sell or trade your vehicle one day, there will be no damage left behind from the wrap.

Amazing Signs: Your Partner for Commercial Fleet Wraps in Tampa, FL

At Amazing Signs, we help businesses of all sizes drive sales and business growth with custom fleet wraps. The process we use is collaborative. From the initial design consultation through to installation, we work with business owners to achieve a completely custom wrap. We respect that no two businesses are alike, so it’s essential that we work together to achieve your brand’s unique goals.

If you’re ready to create multiple brand touchpoints on the road with car and truck wraps, give us a call. We’re happy to offer a free quote on car wraps or other signage for your business.

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