Why Digital Lobby Signage is a Game-Changer for Your Business

Digital Lobby Signage in Zephyrhills

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The lobby or reception area of your business is where first impressions do happen. Make sure that this touch point counts with your customers. A way that you can achieve this by having state-of-the-art digital lobby signs.

How your reception signs appear and how they work is as important as the message they communicate, so it’s crucial that you pay close attention to even the smallest detail to ensure they serve their purpose well. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider investing in digital lobby signs.

Custom Lobby Signs in Zephyrhills

Improve your Customer Experience and Reduce Wait times

Customer waiting time can impact their satisfaction and overall experience. Everyone knows what it’s like to sit for hours in high volume demand businesses, such as doctor’s office. Most customers are willing to wait for a reasonable amount of time for a product or service they think highly of, but astute business owners can’t afford to get complacent; they manage waiting time well with tools such as digital displays to take their customers’ minds off the actual waiting time.

Take advantage of technology and make the most of your customers’ waiting time with LED displays that are entertaining as well as educational. No one knows your target audience as well as you do, so you can plan the content of your message to keep your customers engaged and make waiting for your services worth their while.

What You Can Do with Digital Lobby Signs

1. Showcase and Demonstration

By highlighting your best-selling products you’ll be provide your customers a way to make a more informed decision about their purchase. Make sure your video or slides also include how your product or services will help them with their pain points. Another tip would be to include customer testimonials about your business.

Showing potential customers how a product works can influence their purchasing decision. They have come to your business place for a product they need, but they may not have heard of similar products they can use. Take this opportunity to introduce the rest of your product line and show potential customers exactly how they can use and benefit from them.

2. Strengthen your Marketing Campaign and Provide Directions

If your business happens to have more than one branch, you can use your digital lobby signage to inform your customers of your branch locations and contact details. Satisfied customers in your area may have friends and families in other locations you serve and if they are truly satisfied with your products or services, they will usually be more than willing to introduce your brand to other people. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing strategy. Make it easy for your avid fans to share your name and find you.

3. Tell Your Story

Everyone has a story to tell, including your organization. Make use of your customers’ waiting time to share a good story and help them resonate with your core values. Most of the time, we patronize products not so much for their price or accessibility but for the story behind the brand. Anyone who has read about Phil Knight or Steve Jobs and delights in how they built their empires from the ground up tends to remain loyal patrons for life. You don’t have to be as big and world-famous as Nike or Apple to start a huge customer base. You can start where you are with what you have, with your own unique story and a great piece of digital lobby signage.

Get Your Digital Signage from the Experts

You only want to make the most out of your investments. When it comes to choosing the right digital signs provider in Florida, look no further than Amazing Signs. We are known not only for the highest quality custom lobby signs we provide but also for our unparalleled customer service.

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