Why Acrylic Signs Are Essential for Your Office

Custom acrylic lobby sign of the Crab Place

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Do you want to change up your office space? Do you want signage that is durable and eye-catching? Then look no further than installing acrylic signs.

What Are Acrylic Signs?

Acrylic signs are made from a versatile material to create durable and lightweight signage. It is colorless and transparent and can be customized in various styles. They are a popular choice among businesses; they are cost-effective and give your office space a new look. They make navigating through your office visually appealing and easy to do for all patrons who enter. Acrylic signs look great in office spaces and are a great way to display your brand and what your company is all about. 

Types of Custom Acrylic Signs 

Custom acrylic signs are a worthy investment for your business. They are commonly known as plexiglass signs, and they come in a variety of options. These options include:

  • Standard Print – The design is printed in front, giving it a matte finish and making it more affordable.
  • Second Surface Print – The design printed is on the backside of the acrylic sheet; this design is known as a subsurface print.
  • Clear Acrylic Signage – Has a glass-like look with a high-gloss finish. It is inexpensive and shatter-resistant. This signage is an excellent alternative to glass.
  • Frosted Acrylic Signage – A frosted, translucent finish that is great to use when you want to add privacy. This type of signage limits people’s view inside your office or building, reduces glare, and prevents light from coming in.
  • Individual Cut Acrylic Letters – Laser-cut acrylic formed into text and graphics. These can be mounted on walls or added to other sign options.

Benefits of Acrylic Signs: 

For office spaces, acrylic signs are used in several ways, such as door signs, wayfinding signs, and lobby signs. Acrylic signs for offices are great for making your office easier to navigate and more appealing to visitors, customers, and anyone entering your business. Acrylic signs can be used indoors and outdoors and can be customized and designed in various ways. You can install high-quality directory signs, 3D signs, business signs, and more

Take the time to make your office space classy and sophisticated with business acrylic signs. Click here to learn more about acrylic signs. If you are interested in installing acrylic signs for your office, contact one of our sign experts.

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