Outdoor Hanging Signs Get You Noticed

Commercial hanging business signs

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Hanging signs can be attached to a free-standing frame or posts, suspended from the ceiling, or mounted on a wall so that they stick out from the side of a building. Businesses in Tampa use exterior hanging business signs to catch the attention of passersby and increase foot traffic into their establishments. Outlined below are ways to utilize an outdoor hanging sign to your advantage.

Ways to Utilize Hanging Business Signs to Attract Attention

Outdoor signs are perfect for businesses located in high traffic areas. Whether in a strip mall or in your community’s bustling commercial district, an outdoor hanging sign will most definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

Staying Visible

A high traffic location can be advantageous to your company but it can also mean being in a highly competitive environment where businesses are vying for customers’ attention. Exterior business signs such as A-frame signs and storefront window graphics are an excellent way to get attention from foot traffic, but they can be obstructed depending on what’s happening on the sidewalk.

Hanging exterior signs are suspended overhead and cannot be blocked from view by large crowds or parked cars. Maximize your signs’ impact by making sure they are the right size for their location and using appropriate materials, font style, and color scheme. An experienced sign manufacturer in Tampa can help you craft personalized outdoor hanging signs that use your company’s color palette to better boost your brand.

Get 24/7 Exposure

Some hanging are suspended from their frames or ceiling with cables or chains, allowing them to naturally sway in the wind. This is another favorable feature of hanging signs. Motion naturally catches attention and when it comes to catching the right attention, a branded hanging sign allows you to have a competitive edge over your competition.

Advertise your business day in and day out with lighted exterior hanging signs. LED lightboxes are known to last longer than neon and any other type of light and are definitely more energy efficient. Other lighting options are also available if you prefer a more customized look for your signage.

How to Make the Most of Your Investment

If the idea of sign advertising is relatively new to you, working with a reliable and experienced sign company will help safeguard your signage investment. In Tampa & Zephyrhills, Amazing Signs is one of the best sign manufacturing companies known in the market. We believe in forging lasting relationships with clients and delivering their signage with an emphasis on quality and product excellence. We use only top of the line materials and cutting edge printing technology to guarantee quality results.

Speak with a sign expert at Amazing Signs now to learn about personalized outdoor hanging signs and get a free quote.     

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