Channel Letter Signs Ideas for Your Business in 2021

Google Channel Letter Signs in Tampa, FL

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It has been a challenging time for many businesses in Tampa, Florida, this past year. As the world adapts to the “new normal,” companies are finding innovative ways to promote their business online.

However, one thing is still certain. Despite the changes in our economy, signs are still an effective method for getting customers’ attention. When it comes to improving your establishment’s visibility, no other sign can do that better than channel letters.

Impactful Custom Channel Letters

Channel letters are versatile and highly customizable. This allows for plenty of opportunities to exercise your creativity when it comes to impactful designs. After all, a standout design is better for brand recognition and promotion.

Here are some designs for your business to consider this year:

1. Light It Up

LED channel letters are the perfect lit-up signs for your business to use. You have four options to choose from:

  • Standard Lit
  • Halo Lit
  • Standard & Halo Lit
  • Open-Faced Channel Letters

Choose different color options if you want to take your project up a notch. For example, you can have the standard & halo-lit signs created in different colors to help make your designs really shine!

2. Add a Background to Make It Pop

Want to make an unforgettable impression? Add a background to your sign instead of just casually mounting it on your wall. This will improve its overall look/feel and make it harder to miss.

Do you have a wholesome, natural, and rustic-themed business? Mount your storefront channel letters onto a plank of wood. It creates a rustic yet elegant look that will help boost your brand.

3. On Top Instead of On the Wall

Storefront channel letters are typically mounted on the wall or space above your doors or windows. However, if you have the right space, and if local zoning guidelines permit, you can mount the letters on top of the building itself.

This elevated height is perfect for attracting motorists and pedestrians. Even from afar, your sign can be easily spotted and recognized by potential customers.

4. Stand-Alone Channel Letters

Another great way to make an impression is by creating a stand-alone design outside your space. Place large LED channel letters with your company’s abbreviated name. You can even do a logo with initials that will represent your company proudly!

This large structure mounted on the ground outside your space will surely turn heads your way!

5. Add A Graphic

Channel letter signs are not only limited to letters. You can also add graphics that highlight your brand. If you want to add your business logo, make it happen with custom channel letters!

High-Quality Sign Solutions In Tampa, Florida

It is time to move your business forward! Let our amazing signs help you bring in more clients/customers with impactful sign solutions like channel letters, our premier brand, and more!

We are a full-service sign company that can help design, manufacture, and install the perfect signage for your business. Have a design in mind? Let our team turn your vision into a reality today!

Contact us for a FREE consultation to learn more about our custom channel letter signs, and let’s make your business shine brighter!

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