Car Wraps: Make the Most of Mobile Advertising

Advertising car wraps in Tampa, FL

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You may not remember every car you pass on the road, but vehicle wraps are bound to get noticed. This powerful marketing tool is growing in popularity as an effective way to gain brand recognition.

More and more businesses in Zephyrhills, Tampa and surrounding areas are using this unique method of mobile advertising. Not only does a vinyl wrap protect a car’s paint, but it can also boost sales. Below, the team at Amazing Signs describes how car vinyl graphics can benefit your business.

Stand Out on the Road

On a busy freeway, identical cars simply won’t turn heads. A custom-wrapped car will look different than all the rest and is sure to get noticed. Everyone’s eyes will notice your car’s engaging graphics and text.

Advertise without Being Aggressive

Ads that interrupt our streaming, listening or browsing are often unwelcome. Instead of being invasive, car wraps are a subtle way to showcase your brand without upsetting consumers.

Connect with New Customers

Car wraps in Tampa will take your marketing tactics to the next level. No matter where your company’s fleet travels, you can connect with users in locations that you may not currently be reaching with local advertising.


Traditional ads such as billboards, radio and TV spots require recurring costs to stay active. With vehicle wraps, you pay once and get a near-infinite number of views. Plus, the initial investment for car vinyl graphics is much lower than other forms of marketing and can last for years.

Protect Your Paint

Car wraps will help to protect the original paint job on your car. They add a vinyl barrier when it comes to harsh weather and sun damage. They are easy to remove and won’t damage the paint underneath.

Custom Designs

Arguably the biggest benefit of Tampa vehicle wraps is that they’re completely custom. You can choose to showcase any images, information or text that you want. Simple information such as your company’s social media handle or website address are easy to remember so that people can connect with you when they’re safely off the road.

At Amazing Signs, we help businesses in Zephyrhills, Tampa and surrounding areas to get noticed. Our car wraps in Tampa are completely customizable to suit your vehicle type and business needs. We can help you choose short and simple messages that motorists will remember. We also work with you to design and create bright, clear images that will perform well on the road.

Contact us to request a free quote and see how custom car wraps could be benefitting your business.

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