All-Gender Bathroom and Restrooms Signs for Businesses

Custom Bathroom Signs

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Show respect for your customers with all-gender bathroom signs. You will demonstrate that you care when you display signage that works towards creating welcoming spaces for everyone. Customers will be sure to notice when you display these signs. And, this could go a long way in their choice to support you over another business.

If you’re looking to invest in all-gender signage for restrooms in your business, read on. Below are some items to consider care of the team at Amazing Signs.

Create Consistent Signage

When signs across your business follow a similar template, you can create a consistent look. When employees or guests are looking for information, this will make your signage easier to spot. Your restroom signs, elevator signs, and even door signs should follow a common design scheme for consistency. But keep in mind, under ADA regulations, signs for bathrooms are required to use high contrast color pairings.

Follow the Guidelines for Images

When it comes to accessibility symbols, the law requires following the international symbol of accessibility (ISA). Instead of getting creative with graphics for bathroom signs, it’s best to keep them simple with a verbal description underneath. This will ensure that all of the content on your signs is familiar and easy for everyone to recognize.

Keep Your Signage Simple

Less is more when it comes to signage. Too much text can create a busy and crowded sign. This will make it harder for people to recognize important words and symbols. Plus, signs that are heavy on text may be difficult to read from a distance. When it comes to signage for your bathrooms, keep it concise.

Create ADA Bathroom Signs

ADA bathroom signs need to use Level 2 Braille. This means using integrated characters instead of letter-to-letter translations. If you’re not well versed in using Level 2 Braille, professional sign-makers can help.

Amazing Signs is a full-service sign maker serving businesses in Zephyrhills, Tampa, and surrounding areas. We recognize the importance of creating signage for bathrooms that is respectful for everyone. We are also able to create ADA-compliant signage that is high-quality.

Contact us for a free quote on signs for your business. This includes interior and exterior signs of all types, including car wraps. Our process uses a consultative approach to understand your specific sign goals. Plus, our project management services cover design, production, installation, and maintenance for signage.

If you’re located in Zephyrhills, Tampa, and surrounding areas, give us a call for a free quote.

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