5 Reasons Hanging Signs are Great for Retail Stores

Hanging Signs in Florida

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Navigating the retail industry can be quite tricky, especially for start-ups. For business owners who are up for the challenge, it means finding interesting ways to use the opportunity afforded by excellent signage. It’s why custom hanging signs outdoors are a great place to start.

What are Hanging Signs and why Your Retail Store Needs Them

When it comes to business signs, people commonly think of post and panel signs on roadsides or dimensional letters on a building’s exterior. While it’s good to have these exterior signs to help people and potential customers find you, it’s even better to complement them with an outdoor hanging sign to increase your visibility and, ultimately, your sales.

Hanging Business Signs in Zephyrhills, Florida

Below are five of the top reasons why suspended signage is beneficial to your retail business.

Double Your Foot Traffic

Storefront signs like fascia signs and window graphics are effective but they can only be seen by people from a direction. You can increase your visibility by strategically placing outdoor hanging signs facing audiences coming from other directions. Increased visibility means increased foot traffic for your establishment and a higher potential for sales.

Encourage Customers to Act

Successfully luring customers into your shop isn’t enough. They must further be persuaded to act and do business with you. Custom hanging signs that announce a special offer nobody can resist are examples of compelling ceiling signs that convert traffic into sales.

Improve Customer Service

Directional ceiling signs are among the most widely used types of signs in the retail industry. They are often made of acrylic or aluminum and are securely attached to the ceiling to guide customers – to fire exits, rest rooms or navigate properly labeled aisles in grocery stores. Due to their placement, these signs are easy to find and make it even easier for customers and visitors to find their way in your place of business. People who find it pleasurable to do business with you tend to become loyal customers.

Strengthen Your Brand

Captivating hanging signs customized to reflect your brand is a smart way to strengthen your identity. Coffee shops that offer mouth-watering donuts, for example, will stand out with a custom-made projecting sign shaped as a donut.

Cost-effective Outdoor Hanging Signs

The beautiful thing about hanging signs is that you can choose from a wide variety of materials that suit your purpose and budget. For seasonal sales and offers, canvas or vinyl banners top the list of options as they are economical. Lightweight and sturdy, these banners can be hung on walls or ceilings where they are protected from everyday wear. Outdoors, suspended signs are also less likely to get damaged by accidental collision or impact, thus prolonging their life.

Having your Signs Made by the Experts in Zephyrhills

Businesses in Zephyrhills, Tampa and surrounding areas trust only Amazing Signs when it comes to hanging business signs. Not only do we provide our customers with the highest quality signage systems we make sure all our hanging signs are installed safely. Your business is important to us. Call us today to speak with our sign specialists and get your complimentary quote.

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