4 Tips For Designing Outstanding Trade Show Graphics

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Excellent trade show displays expertly designed with outstanding graphics can help ensure that your brand makes an impact. Trade shows and exhibitions can be very busy spaces where just about every brand in attendance wants to make a favourable impression. It takes a lot of planning to set up a strong trade show space, but when done well, the return on investment can be immeasurable. Here are some helpful tips on how businesses in Tampa, FL can design trade show displays and graphics that will help you become the talk of just about any event.

When you think about it, trade show graphics are visual assets that help a brand tell their story using their exhibition booth. More specifically, they integrate text and images to convey a company’s branded message. Trade show displays that use graphics can include things like retractable banners, backdrops, flags, floor graphics, as well as pop-up and tabletop displays.

How To Design Trade Show Displays With Graphics That Work

People are influenced by visual cues. In fact, they rely on them to make judgements, which should help you understand how important it is for these graphics to be a part of your marketing strategy. Since you may not get a chance to speak to everyone, your excellent graphics can do some of the work for you!

In order to include effective event graphics as part of your displays, keep our helpful tips in mind.

1. Think of your trade show graphics as an investment.

The quality and effectiveness of promotional material is a direct reflection on your brand. If the graphics you use look hurried or of poor quality, you’ll end up damaging your brand reputation. Invest the time and money into making them right the first time so that they contribute to your business growth and can be used for years to come.

2. Establish your trade show goals.

Determining what success means is an important part of designing graphics to represent your company. For most businesses, brand awareness is a top-ranking goal, and trade show graphics are a unique opportunity to share your brand’s personality. Ask yourself if you’re trying to expose your brand to as many new people as possible, or if you have a more specific goal like introducing a new product. The graphics you choose will depend on who you’re trying to reach and how you want to reach them.

3. Think about placement.

Where and how you display your trade show graphics can have a huge impact on the number of visitors you attract. There are three categories of graphics that need to be factored into your booth:

  • Long-range graphics which are meant to be seen and understood from far distances.
  • Mid-range graphics like retractable banners that are meant to be seen from neighbouring booths and can include things like a sales pitch, information about freebies, and images that speak specifically to your target demographic.
  • Short-range graphics which are only legible to the people who have stopped by your booth. These should include a call to action, highlight unique product features or competitive advantages, and share stories of brand success.

4. Pay attention to composition.

Equally important as the information on your graphics is how that information is composed. Other design elements you need to consider are:

  • Contrast – Are the colours and design elements pleasing to the eye and easy to read?
  • Flow – Are your graphics laid out in a way that is logical? Is it clear to the viewer where they should begin when they look at your graphic?
  • Focus – Where do viewers’ eyes naturally gravitate towards in the design?
  • Imagery – Are the images you use in your graphics clear, easy to understand and relevant?

Let Amazing Signs Design Your Next Trade Show Display

Many businesses don’t feel as though they have the visual skills needed to create effective trade show graphics. The good news is that when you work with Amazing Signs, we’ll use our expert knowledge to help design graphics that include your brand messaging and speak to your intended audiences. Our design and print team can create stunning trade show displays and graphics that won’t soon be forgotten. Call us today to find out more about creating the ideal trade show presence to support your needs.

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